Video – The Signs

Signs of Manipulative Relationship 

Euphoric beginning – transition- judgments, undermined self-esteem – False Hope.

  • You are overly apologetic

  • He has increased control over your life/ increased benefits from the relationship

  • He had many failed relationship but he’s the victim

  • Lies, exaggerates, distorts, omits information

  • Influences you to do thing you don’t normally do

  • Isolates you from family, friends

  • You are second class citizen, your opinion is never good enough

  • You walk on eggshells

  • He indicates that something is bothering him, you jump to figure out what the problem is.

  • He picks his point of responsibility. Problems are never his fault.

  • He has grandiose plans that never happen

  • His arguments are based on emotion, not reason

  • He generalize about people around you.

  • He believes “us against them” type of world

  • Your friends either love or hate him

  • He uses exaggerated flattery like: “Love of my life…”

  • He thinks you have to be fixed

Listen to your feelings! Manipulation might cause problem to you if:

  • Guilt shame anxiety – motivates you doing something

  • Embarrassment – how you are treated

  • Confusion – about the quality of your relationship and the motifs of your partner

  • Low Self-Esteem – because of the constant critique

  • Low confidence – because you take the blame and believe “everything is your fault”.

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