Video – The Basics

  • Most people are not aware of it

  • Feelings: confused, “not good enough” helpless, hopeless, frustrated and angry

  •  Manipulation: getting you doing what you don’t want to by inducing guilt, shame or anxiety

  • Double base communication: surface is pretentiously loving and caring, hidden intention is motivation by guilt, shame or anxiety.

  • Reason: take advantage

  • Imbalance in the relationship


  • out-manipulate

  • try to change him

  • look what he says

  • ask why

  • tell he’s unfair or unkind

  • rely on his empathy

[/two_columns_1][two_columns_2] DO:

  • know what YOU want

  • look what he does

  • change your own reaction

  • establish boundaries

  • learn to be assertive

  • learn resistance tactics

 Self reinforcing process: compliance reinforces the pressurizing tactics!

Stop reinforcing manipulation by compliance!

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