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Is manipulation making your life difficult… maybe even miserable?

Have you tried everything to handle it, but still are struggling with:

  • confusion
  • feeling under control
  • helplessness
  • low self-esteem
 If you feel like this, there are FOUR things you should know…
  1. You are NOT alone! Being manipulated is far more common than you’d think.
  2. Many people who are struggling in manipulative relationship are not aware of the fact that their suffering is originated from Emotional Manipulation.
  3. It’s not your fault!  If you’re constantly beating yourself up over manipulation, you’re wasting valuable energy, because you’re not to blame.
  4. You can take steps to change your life – From Strings To Wings Online Training.

Why Changing Emotional Manipulation is Hard

Manipulation is a double base communication process. On the surface it is seemingly loving and caring, but hidden below it evokes guilt, shame or anxiety. The more we want to avoid feelings of guilt, shame, or anxiety, the more we comply. The more we comply the stronger the process becomes. And the worst part? The more you blame yourself and the harder it is to CHANGE!

 The Costs of NOT Taking Action Are Too High



Being manipulated may not be your fault, but you CAN take action to STOP it! The costs of emotional manipulation are high. 

  • Money wasted
  • Time lost
  • The emotional toll on your personal life

In 5 MINUTES we can help you STOP the blame game.  You can learn how to quickly and easily end emotional manipulation for GOOD!  From Strings To Wings: Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation Short Online Training

Take Control Back Within Days!

Actually with the help of 10 4-7 minutes long Lessons – that you apply according to your needs.


Sometimes you need an expert to deal with issues like emotional manipulation.  As a psychotherapist and founder of Sound Soul Counseling, I am fully qualified and equipped to help you put an end to the confusion and self-doubt caused by emotional manipulation! I have a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy and have worked in different areas of psychology. I have lived around the world on 3 different continents helping a wide variety of people along the way.  Emotional Manipulation knows no boundaries and there are people struggling with it around the world.  I have witnessed such interactions first hand.  I have been speechless after unfair comments. Felt weakened after discussions. Been furious when needlessly blamed. And had lump in my throat after a put down. I understand exactly what you’re going through.

Get Fast, Effective Help In Your Own Home…


 No Doctors, No Therapy Sessions and No Impracticable Advice!  Complete the entire training in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Now you can benefit from all of these past and professional experiences in a simple program that is fast and easy to sign up for! The program is From Strings To Wings: Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation.  This Online Training that walks you through, step by step, the exact process to put an end to emotional manipulation. I’s so simple:

  • Click on the “Sing Up with PayPal or Credit Card” button, it will take you to Paypal.
    • If you have PayPal Account you can pay via your PayPal Account, or:
    • You can pay with your credit/debit card via PayPal.
    • When you completed your payment, you automatically will be taken to the Training Site, where you can begin to work on the Chapters you choose.

 Some of the results you can expect…


  • Understand fully what’s happening around you
  • Master manipulative situations
  • Gain back confidence
  • Create an equal, respectful relationship
  • Be treated respectfully


 And it will work for you even if you’ve tried everything else, without success, regardless of how long you’ve been living with emotional manipulation.

 Read more on the 10 Chapters of Training and

Exactly what will you get from “From Strings To Wings” Training


Get an Affordable Option

Many general counselors routinely charge $ 100 or more per hour.  You’ll be required to go for at least 5-10 sessions. That’s a MINIMUM of $ 500 – $ 1000!  Need an emotional manipulation specialist?   Expect to pay even MORE.

Sign Up From Strings To Wings: Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation Short Training, today for just $27.  

Kidding me? – It’s less than one third of a session!

$27 to end emotional manipulation


PLUS… Order by March 1st to get a BONUS Worksheet Series!


Discovering ME! Worksheet Series.

(YOUR Family of origin, Expectations around YOU, YOUR Personality, YOUR Values, YOUR Needs and its Fulfillment, YOUR Career)

Define yourself and create your boundaries!

Find out what you want! 

Help avoid being manipulated ever again.


Still not convinced? 


(100% Money Back Guarantee!)


Sign Up for From Strings To Wings: Reveal and Override Emotional Manipulation and decide for yourself if it works. If you don’t feel it’s helping, get your money back 100% guaranteed.  You can even keep your FREE bonus for giving the training a try!

Claim Your Training Today!  Be On Your Way To Manage Manipulative Situations with Ease, Take Back Control, and Build Confidence

Don’t continue to be held hostage by your emotional manipulator.

Don’t spend your days living with the pain and frustration of being controlled while not being appreciated.

Don’t feel helpless, hopeless.

Stop wasting your energy blaming yourself and feeling guilty for something that’s not your fault.

ACT TODAY to STOP emotional manipulation!  Use the training principles that has helped countless others.

Stop emotional manipulation and enjoy freedom and confidence NOW!

 More Details

After completing the payment by PayPal you will be taken to a page that says:

“Click here to get back to Sound Soul Counseling.”

This click takes you immediately to the Training.

In the same time (within minutes max 1-2 hours) you’ll get an Email from AWeber Communication to confirm your order.

After confirmation you get an Email which contains the URL of the training. You have access to it any time you want. 

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